June 23, 2024

40 Top Tourist Destinations in Iceland

Since the beginning of their existence on the Internet, top lists have always captured my attention due to my inherent curiosity. They have frequently assisted me in finding and discovering entertaining things on the Internet as well as in the process of getting ready for trips.

Time has passed, but my fascination with top list compilations has never subsided, so I thought it would be time to publish one here that features tourist attractions. Here are my picks for the top forty tourist destinations in Iceland. Some of these spots are off the beaten path, yet they are well worth a visit.

Mt. Kirkjufell on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is an appropriate choice for a feature photo because it is Iceland’s most photographed mountain. Enjoy!

  1. Þingvellir National Park
    I am in awe every time I stand at Þingvellir and take in the breathtaking scenery, history, and earth in the forming.
  2. Reykjavik
    A city that can provide you with some truly memorable experiences.
  3. Golden Circle
    The three-in-one circle route is not to be missed.
  4. Gullfoss Waterfall
    The most stunningly beautiful waterfall I have ever seen in person.
  5. Skaftafell
    One of the best places in Iceland to go trekking and see some of the most breathtakingly beautiful nature. There are glaciers, high mountains, rivers, waterfalls, sand dunes and sharp cliffs. Definitely not to be skipped.
  6. Geysir
    You won’t see much activity emanating from the old faithful these days, but you may still witness other hot springs shooting jets into the air.
  7. Skógafoss Waterfall
    Raw beauty can be experienced by standing in front of this waterfall and watching the water plummet off the cliff.
  8. Jökulsarlón Glacier Lagoon
    The moment you watch the glacier melt in front of your eyes and little icebergs glide down to the ocean, try not to think about how global warming is causing this.
  9. Lake Mývatn
    The lake and the surrounding region make for a very special destination to visit. When you wander amid the lava formations or watch geothermal activity, you are witnessing the earth and nature as they are being formed.
  10. The Westfjords
    Some people consider it to be an older version of Iceland in both its cultural and natural characteristics. I would argue that you have not fully experienced Iceland until you have explored the Westfjords.
  11. Dynjandi Waterfalls
    Standing in front of a waterfall as it rushes down the rocks of a Westfjords mountain and hearing the hammering sound it makes is fantastic.
  12. Vatnajökull Glacier
    It is one of the largest glaciers in Europe, and the environment surrounding it is absolutely breathtakingly magnificent.
  13. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
    All those who have a fascination with waterfalls will like the walk-behind waterfall. Although it lacks strength, it makes up for it in height and picturesqueness.
  14. Hallgrímskirkja Church
    It is a majestic structure that can be seen in any direction and dominates the skyline of Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland.
  15. Akureyri
    The largest town in Iceland’s northern region. A trip to Akureyri, whether in the summer or the winter, is guaranteed to be a good time. It serves as the starting point for excursions to some of the most remarkable natural phenomena as well as smaller towns and villages located throughout north of Iceland.
  16. Reykjanes Peninsula
    Imagine that you landed at Keflavik Airport, and within a few kilometers of the airport, you found yourself in the middle of the most volcanically active region in all of Iceland. That is but one of the many natural attractions that can be experienced on the Reykjanes Peninsula.
  17. Dettifoss Waterfall
    It is raw, it is dirty and it is powerful all at the same time. Watching the Dettifoss waterfall as it thunders down from a cliff as the most powerful waterfall in Europe is a breathtaking experience.
  18. Landmannalaugar
    The mesmerizing and mystical Landmannalaugar can be found tucked away in the beautiful highlands of Iceland. Landmannalaugar is a hiker’s and nature lover’s dream destination thanks to its breathtaking scenery and kaleidoscopic array of colors.
  19. Askja Caldera
    The Askja caldera is a mesmerizing volcanic phenomenon in Iceland, having a crater lake that is astonishingly deep and a desolate lunar-like landscape.
  20. Borgarfjörður
    A magnificent region that is well-known for the visual grandeur of its attractions, which include towering mountains, gushing waterfalls, and historic sites.
  21. Blue Lagoon
    It is a geothermal spa that is known all over the world for its milky blue waters, which are rich in minerals, as well as its characteristics that may soothe and rejuvenate.
  22. Rauðisandur (Red Sands)
    Captivating stretch of coast with breathtaking red sand beaches that run for kilometers, providing a one-of-a-kind and scenic landscape that is a genuine treat for the eyes.
  23. Reynisfjara – Black Sand Beach
    A stunning black sand beach that is well-known for the towering basalt sea stacks, crashing waves, and breathtaking cliffs that come together to create an ethereal and unique experience along the coast.
  24. Snæfellsnes Peninsula
    The Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Iceland is a compelling place full of different beauties, including a towering volcano crowned by glaciers, rough coasts, beautiful fishing communities, and magical landscapes that have inspired folklore and literature for generations.
  25. Húsavík
    It is a beautiful whale watching town that is well-known for being the whale watching capital of the country. It offers fantastic possibilities to witness majestic whales in their natural habitat, and it is surrounded by stunning coastline beauty.
  26. The Lagoon in the East
    It’s possible that this stunning area in the east of Iceland is one of the country’s best hidden secrets. The landscape is a dream come true for hikers of all ages. A glacial river winds its way through the middle of it, and it is encircled on most sides by vibrant and colorful hills and mountains.
  27. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon
    The fascinating natural wonder of Fjarárgljfur canyon in Iceland is characterized by sheer moss-covered cliffs and a meandering turquoise river, which together create a stunning and ethereal scene that captivates the mind.
  28. Þingvallavatn Lake
    It is the largest lake in Iceland and is part of the Þingvellir National Park. This park is known for its stunning volcanic scenery. The lake is a wonderful backdrop for outdoor activities and scenic exploration because to its crystal clear blue waters and the picturesque terrain that surrounds it. This makes the lake an ideal place to find peace and quiet.
  29. The Northern Lights
    The dancing lights, known as the northern lights, are a celestial display that can be seen in the night sky over Iceland. These shimmering curtains of light produce a hypnotic and enchanting spectacle, casting a spell of surprise and awe over those who are fortunate enough to see their magical dance. The colors green, blue, and purple shine brightly in this display, which creates a mesmerizing and enchanting atmosphere.
  30. Hornstrandir and Jökulfirðir in the Westfjords
    The Hornstrandir region of Iceland is an unspoiled wilderness that is located in an isolated part of the country. This area’s towering cliffs, jagged fjords, and unspoiled landscapes make it a home for wildlife as well as outdoor enthusiasts looking for untamed beauty and tranquility.
  31. Hraunfossar Waterfall
    The Hraunfossar waterfalls in Iceland are a mesmerizing natural wonder. These waterfalls are created when crystal-clear streams of water flow flawlessly through volcanic rock formations, producing a compelling spectacle that combines the raw might of nature with the delicate beauty of the natural world.
  32. Westmann Islands – Heimaey
    The Westman Islands in Iceland are an enthralling archipelago with spectacular volcanic landscapes, towering cliffs, and an abundance of birds. These secluded islands provide a unique peek into Iceland’s raw beauty and are a paradise for nature lovers, history fans, and those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure.
  33. Dimmuborgir Lava Formations
    The Dimmuborgir lava formations, near Lake Mývatn, are a surreal and enigmatic environment with intricate volcanic rock formations, lava pillars, and dark caverns. This enchanted region of twisted shapes and eerie beauty provides a surreal environment that inspires visitors’ imaginations and leaves them in awe of nature’s beautiful works.
  34. The East Fjords
    Iceland’s East Fjords are a stunning coastal region where towering mountains meet the glistening sea. This location offers a calm and stunning escape into nature’s embrace, with serene fishing villages, flowing waterfalls, and scenic hiking routes.
  35. Kaldalón Lagoon
    Kaldalón Lagoon in Iceland’s Westfjords is a tranquil and hidden coastal jewel set among jagged cliffs and breathtaking fjord landscape. With its quiet waterways and diverse birdlife, it provides a peaceful haven for nature enthusiasts as well as a scenic location to unwind and admire Iceland’s westernmost region’s pristine beauty.
  36. Goðafoss Waterfall
    The Goðafoss Waterfall in Iceland is a spectacular cascade formed by the Skjálfandafljót River plunging over a horseshoe-shaped ledge. With its thundering waterfalls, spectacular rock formations, and gorgeous surroundings, Goðafoss enchants tourists with its raw force and ethereal beauty, giving it the moniker “Waterfall of the Gods.”
  37. Mountain Snæfell
    Mountain Snæfell in Iceland is a spectacular peak located in the country’s east. Snæfell highlights the raw beauty of Iceland’s highlands, enticing travelers to explore its slopes and immerse themselves in the grandeur of the surrounding nature, with its snow-capped top, rough slopes, and panoramic vistas.
  38. Asbyrgi Canyon
    Ásbyrgi is a natural wonder shaped like a horseshoe, with towering cliffs and beautiful trees. This scenic canyon is steeped in legend and provides stunning hiking paths, quiet meadows, and a serene environment, making it a sought-after destination for nature enthusiasts seeking tranquility and breathtaking scenery.
  39. The Westfjords Alps
    The Westfjords Alps are a spectacular mountain range in Dýrafjörður, Iceland, with craggy peaks, deep valleys, and pure nature. The Westfjords Alps, with their awe-inspiring beauty and remote location, provide hikers and adventurers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Iceland’s wild landscapes and observe the spectacular sights that make this region really extraordinary.
  40. Hveragerði and Reykjadalur Hot Springs
    Hveragerði is a lovely village in Iceland that is located in a geothermal wonderland. Hveragerði, known as the “Hot Spring Capital,” is endowed with a plethora of scalding hot springs, bubbling mud pots, and natural geothermal pools. Visitors can enjoy peaceful hot spring spas, explore geothermal parks, and marvel at Hveragerði‘s unique blend of nature’s raw strength and serene tranquility.

Please keep in mind that this is not an entire list, as Iceland has many other lovely and interesting sites to explore. I adore these destinations and hope you will visit them one day!