July 23, 2024

The Magnificent East Fjords of Iceland

The East Fjords of Iceland is such a fascinating area of similarities and variances that stay in your memories for years attached with warm and joyful feelings.

The shoreline with its fjords and steep mountains at first look similar to other Icelandic fjords, but each has its distinction. Once you move further into the wilderness you will experience a whole new world of earth in the making shaped by glaciers, rivers and volcanic activity.

The East Fjords of Iceland are perhaps the part of Iceland that has in recent years been going through the most changes. The area around Egilsstadir and Reydarfjordur are the places most affected but other areas feel the changes as well. 

The reason for these changes is the Fljotsdalur Power Station with the Karahnjukar Dam that provides energy for an aluminum factory in Reydarfjordur. 

The changes affect tourists as well as residents as roads have improved greatly and services in the area also. Tourists can travel high up into the mountains to view the dam. A tour guide is located at the Karahnjukar Dam that offers guided tours June-August. Until then you can learn more about the massive Fljótsdalur Power Station project.

The fjords near Egilsstadir and Reydarfjordur can be traveled quickly and easily on paved roads. There is a 5.9 km tunnel between Reydarfjordur and Faskrudsfjordur and more tunnels are planned in the area.

The East Fjords of Iceland are a beautiful area to explore with the hallmarks of Iceland; high steep mountains, rolling hills and beautiful lakes. Fjords and valleys are abundant and the views are often magnificent.

The photos in the gallery below are from our photo collection mostly shot in 2006 and 2010. We are planning to visit the magnificent East Fjords this summer and boy do we look forward to the visit.

Click on the photos for larger view. Handpicked videos below.