June 25, 2024

Iceland’s Spectacular Lagoon In The East

There is one place in Iceland that is incredibly beautiful but probably not very crowded. This is Lonid, the Lagoon, which is east of Hofn in Hornafjordur.

What is unique about this place is the colors of the mountains and to see that the country is still being shaped by the glacial river Jokulsa that flows around the area. The road that is today may not be the road you take tomorrow.

The lagoon is long and there are various ways to go. Some go all the way up to the highlands by Vatnajökull while others look around in the lagoon itself. Last summer we walked a few kilometers along the road that runs from the ring road. We had been there many years ago and it had been a long time on the agenda to walk around the area closest to the ring road. It was an incredibly beautiful and clear day. Few were on the move even though we were there during the high season.

It is easy to see the forces of nature that have shaped this area. Although the volcanic activity in Vatnajökull is to the west, one has the feeling that this area is still being shaped and that anything can still happen. Walking between ancient craters and volcanoes that have probably erupted under a glacier at some point long ago is an experience.

Even though you meet hikers from time to time and see cottages along the slopes, we experienced great solitude with nature. It proves once again how easy it is to experience solitude in Iceland if you wish.

Below are some photos from our lovely walk along with a short video. You can click on any photo to start a full-size slideshow. Enjoy and experience the Lagoon in the east with us!