April 17, 2024

Let’s Talk About The Weather

The most common topic of discussion among Icelanders is the weather, except when we are doing well in football. We are not doing well in football at the moment, so the main topic of discussion is, of course, the weather.

Global warming has a major impact on the weather in Iceland and it can be said that the weather this year is in many ways unusual. Last winter was mild and comfortable, the spring was cold and dry but the summer has been unusually hot.

The weather has been best in the North, East and South. The weather in the Westfjords has also been very good, but a little more extreme than usual. Higher temperatures and other wind directions we are not used to.

Of course, we Icelanders like to have more heat in the summer and a comfortable winter. But we also know that in the long run it can have an enormous impact on living conditions on our beautiful island in the North Atlantic.

The Gulf Stream carries warm air to us from the south. If its effects begin to diminish, it could be difficult to live on the island due to the cold. So warmer weather today means colder weather in the future.

After many good days here in the Westfjords, the first depression of the autumn came and the sea and the sky began to rise. It was refreshing in many ways to feel the fresh breeze again after a long period of calm.