November 27, 2022

Iceland Photo Gallery: Three Seasons of Thingvellir And The Lake Thingvallavatn

Thingvellir and the lake Thingvallavatn are natural and historical gems of Icelanders. Through Thingvellir lies the Almannagja gorge, which marks the plate boundary between the European plate and the American plate on the west side.

The pictures in this gallery show Thingvellir and the lake Thingvallavatn in summer, winter and spring. The oldest pictures are from the year 2006 and the newest from the year 2021. You can clearly see the great changes that have taken place in the area. The famous Hotel Valhalla burned to the ground 12 years ago and good facilities have been set up for tourists.

You can click at the top of any image to start the slideshow. Below the gallery is a video taken last year.