April 17, 2024

The Spring of Discontent and Sunshine

This spring has definitely been strange. There were a few pleasant days in April, but then the dreary weather moved in, and it has been somewhat chilly, and snow has fallen on the slopes of the Westfjords mountains for a period of time. There have been some gorgeous days in between. At this point in my life, a warmer spring would have been ideal, but unfortunately, that is not something I can control.

There are moments when life is just like the weather. There are days when everything goes well, and then there are days in between when you don’t wish you had those days. To our great fortune, the number of pleasant days typically far exceeds that of the difficult ones. It is simple to be thankful for the good days, but we should also be thankful for those awful days since, without them, the good days would not be appreciated to the same degree.

If you look at the Icelandic news, you might get the impression that the entire population of Iceland is suffering. Strikes, inflation, the difficulties faced by the impoverished and the homeless, and never-ending disagreements about everything between heaven and earth are just some of the problems that we face today. More recently, it has come to light that the waste that Icelanders have been sorting in order to make it easier to reuse is ultimately exported and burned in another country. It is quite obvious that Iceland’s transition toward a circular economy has a long way to go.

Brighter Day in The Westfjords
Brighter Day in The Westfjords

The weather in the south, west, and Westfjords has been chilly and wet, whereas the weather in the Eastfjords has been warm and sunny. When the hot summer sun is shining and the primary concern is what to grill for dinner tonight, it’s possible that people in the Eastfjords are far more content with life, and they don’t mind speculating about inflation or the cyclical economy. It’s possible that people are a bit like the weather. The sun has the power to temporarily alleviate any and all forms of misery and help us see things in a new light.