June 23, 2024

When Heaven And Earth Merges

Having been in the Westfjords for many years I am still always fascinated by the variations in scenery that are created by heaven and earth.

Today does not have many colors with white, black and gray blanketing the sea, mountains and the skies. You cannot see where the mountains end and the clouds take over. It is literally a merger of heaven and earth.

However, this day is far from being dull even though the bright colors are missing for the moment. The calmness of the sea makes the fjord so peaceful and beautiful.

Despite the difficult times these days life continues in many ways like before. As you can see on the photo a kayak is sailing on the calm waters. It is easy to keep the required social distance while kayaking. Check out the videos below to see kayaking in the Westfjords in action.

Calm Day At Isafjordur Town