May 22, 2024

At The Break Of Dawn

When the snow stops falling, the wind eases, the air chills and tranquility blankets over the fjords you are in for a visual treat. The squeaky sound of each footstep is calming. As you get near the sea you hear the easy movement of the waves as they enter the shore. 

Snow has been piling up lately in the Westfjords of Iceland. There are piles along every pavement and roads. It feels like a new world has been built on top of the old one and everything has changed. 

Indeed the world has changed in the past few weeks and will probably never be the same again. However, nature is still here stronger than ever creating new adventures and new landscapes for the human beings to explore and experience.

The break of dawn in the Westfjords of Iceland is truly an adventure for all the senses and reminds us that nature will have its way.

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