June 4, 2023

The Awe-Inspiring Lake Myvatn

Lake Mývatn and its surroundings in the North-East of Iceland is an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.  It is one of the places I love.

When you look around the area you notice that it is currently in the making. The lake is only 2300 years old. Hot steam is spews out of the earth.  Sulphur rich mountains that contain no life at all look magnificent with the strange color variations.

The lake is beautiful, but it is the surroundings that make it a visual phenomenon. The lava formations and lava islands are out of this world. Hiking along the lake and discovering trolls, elves and beasts in every footstep is so much fun and can keep you entertained for a long time.

Lake Mývatn is one of the hottest travel destinations in Iceland. The last time I visited the area was at the beginning of Iceland’s travel boom. I know some things around the lake must have changed, but I am sure the nature, the colors and the magic is still there awe-inspiring for all to enjoy.