July 23, 2024

The Author’s Mansion At Skriduklaustur

Skriduklaustur is 45 km. drive from Egilsstadir just over half an hour drive on an excellent paved road along the lake Logurinn. One of Iceland’s most famous authors built a mansion at Skriduklaustur in 1939 and later donated the land and the houses to the Icelandic State.

Skriduklaustur is now a museum and an educational institute dedicated to the life and work of the author Gunnar Gunnarsson. During summer visitors receive personal guidance through the house and various cultural and educational events are set up there throughout the year.

We visited Skriduklaustur and noticed that the architecture of the building is very different from many Icelandic buildings. The mansion-like style of it makes you wonder whether you are in Germany or in Iceland. But beautiful it is! 

We were impressed with the friendly atmosphere of Skriduklaustur and the professionalism of the staff. We felt welcome there from the minute we drove up to the house. For anyone interested in Icelandic literature a visit to Skriduklaustur is a must.

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