July 23, 2024

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Ask me about the hills above me and in front of me and I will probably answer incorrectly. Ask me about the admiration and the feelings I have for my beautiful island and I can speak forever.

I know the seasons in the north, west and south. I know the fierce snow storms in the Westfjords and the strong cold wind blowing endlessly in  Reykjavík. 

I know the Icelandic spring when it awakens every cold spot and makes life happen in front of your eyes. I know the summer with bright colors of red, green, yellow and blue with an aroma that makes you experience life inside and out.

Soon the spring will arrive in the Westfjords after a difficult winter and I know it will be the best ever with the best aroma, the freshest air, the brightest colors and the best weather. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.