April 17, 2024

The Sign Of Better Times

It’s bright summer day in the Westfjords. No fog or haze. Just clear blue skies and the colors of summer cover the village of Hnifsdalur. Cruise ships are back after Covid-19 and that is a good thing. It is the sign of better times ahead of us.

The Westfjords are a trending destination and I am not surprised. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to visit Iceland without taking a look at the Westfjords.

Tourists coming to Iceland this summer are staying longer than they used to do. Probably it is because of Covid-19. It has become to complicated to take a weekend trip to Iceland or any other country. The good thing is with more time it is possible to see more of Iceland such as taking a trip to the Westfjords – Check out the #TheWestfjordsWay!