June 23, 2024

Standing In The Shadows Of Giants

Iceland is a nation of fishermen. Throughout the ages the hard working fishermen have brought food and money on the table. Oftentimes they sacrificed their lives. 

The picture of few fishermen rowing towards the North-Atlantic waves and into the unknown is graved into the heart and soul of Icelanders. It was before weather news, motors and high technology clothing. They were dressed in sheep leather clothes with wool gloves on their hands and their mind was their compass.

How things have changed. Using modern technology and sophisticated wessels it is rare nowadays we lose a fisherman into the ocean never to return. But it still happens. 

However, many towns and villages around Iceland still depend their livelihood on the fishermen. The high quality products they bring to shore are essential in maintaining high living standards in Iceland. Gratefully, as a nation we have stood throughout the ages in the shadows of giants.