June 23, 2024

The Ultimate Midnight Sun Spot

Watching the midnight sun is an experience wherever you are in Iceland. Watching it slowly disappear behind the ocean’s horizon with all the colors, shades and shapes makes you feel humble and peaceful. It is nature in its finest form.

There is one spot where we enjoy watching the midnight sun the most. It is in Bolungarvik in the Westfjords. On the left is the town of Bolungarvik shadowed from the sun by the mountain Bolafjall and on the right the Hornstrandir area. In between is the horizon of the North-Atlantic Ocean.

There is an old lighthouse, Oshlidarviti. Standing there facing the spectacle of the midnight sun are some of our best moments in life and we are not the only ones experiencing the same.

People Watching The Evening Sun
People Watching The Evening Sun