June 23, 2024

Small Whirlwinds Playing On The Ocean

The storm that is crossing Iceland at this moment is not so bad in the Westfjords. It surely is a storm and some snow but we have seen worse here in the Westfjords.

It is always fun to see the storm at play on Skutulsfjordur when it is blowing from the east. Small whirlwinds form on the ocean only for a few moments never to cause any harm. Because of the steep mountains the wind is unpredictable, but it has to be much stronger than it is today to wreak havoc.


A sort of relief from yesterday. It could have been much worse today here in the Westfjords. There has been damage in this storm, but as of now it has mostly been in the south and the west part of Iceland and in the Westman Islands. 

As you can see on the featured image the mountain ravines accumulate snow in the mountains and there is now an alert for possible avalanches in the Westfjords.

Flooding in Keflavik Town.