June 23, 2024

Global Storming Coming

In the autumn we wondered if this winter would be mild like the ones before. Well, there is no need to speculate anymore. This winter is already one of the worst in many years in Iceland. And there is another storm coming tomorrow and it is expected to be huge.

The whole country has been set on yellow or red alert for tomorrow and that means the storm is going to be extremely fierce with lots of snow falling. The Met office is expecting wind speeds of 28 to 35 meters per second in the south part and Reykjavik area.

Our favorite weather Website is of course windy.com. It shows visually the storm approaching from the south. The colors are a little bit frightening.

Just as the streets of Isafjordur Town are ready for smooth driving again it will probably be different driving conditions tomorrow.

If past winters were mild because of global warming this winter is truly global storming in Iceland. Let’s hunker down!