June 25, 2024

Fog is a magical phenomenon and scary at the same time. For the traveler it can be scary to walk or drive into the fog not knowing what’s ahead or where to go. That day it was beautiful.

The fog slowly engulfed Gilsfjordur and the view from the bridge crossing the fjord was mesmerizing. The stillness and the tide revealed the seaweed on the archipelago. That day the fog was the landscape mystique.

The Gilsfjordur bridge marks the beginning of the Westfjords and the end of the Dalir area in West of Iceland. In the middle of winter it is rare to get such good weather as that day in this area. 

Unless you are lost in the wilderness the fog in Iceland is usually a great photo opportunity. If you manage to get above it you are in for a photo treat. Here are some cool foggy phenomenon in Iceland: