June 23, 2024

Mountain Views On Route From Reykjavik to Borgarfjordur

It is sometimes nice to drive out of Reykjavik on a beautiful day. Once you pass by the Mosfellsbær town you get a great view of beautiful mountains.

The mountain Esja is dear to many living in Reykjavik. Songs have been composed about the mountain and poems written. There are videos below with recordings of the most popular Mt. Esja song.

After exiting the tunnel across Hvalfjordur you get a view of the mountain range in this beautiful fjord. I share the view of many Icelanders that it is hard to see the iron and aluminium factories that are located in the mouth of the fjord.

Once you drive through the town of Borgarnes and enter the Borgarfjordur area you get a view of more beautiful mountains and glaciers as well when the visibility is good as it was that day. 

However my most favorite mountain on this route is the mountain Baula. You get a close up view of it when you pass the Brattabrekka heath. In this short video you can follow the described route.