June 23, 2024

Crazy Winter Gets More Crazy – Let’s Think About Summer

We have mentioned this crazy winter a few times and there is a reason for it. It has been more crazy than other winters we have experienced. Now this winter gets even weirder with the Covid-19 coronavirus and the gathering ban announced this morning.

We spent a day recently in Reykjavik and it was a culture shock. Much fewer people around, some with masks, people passing with significant distance and in every service facility and shop people were using alcohol spray for cleaning. Cold wind was blowing from the north along the shore and you had a hard time making a still shot with the camera. 

We are certain the virus problem will be over in the summer and the weather will be great. Hopefully travel will resume to normal by then.

As we look out of the window we see the snow has started to fall again sideways. Therefore we decided it is time to think about the Icelandic summer and bring back great memories with some old photos. The summer will come eventually and then we will spread our wings and enjoy all the best Iceland has to offer. We hope you like it!