June 25, 2024

Motherly Love And Protection

When the weather is bad and the storm rages outside a motherly love and protection is all that a child needs. That is exactly the spirit of this beautiful statue in Budardalur in the Dalir area in West Iceland.

The statue is by Ásmundur Sveinsson, a renowned Icelandic sculpturist. It is located near the shore in the center of Budardalur, a small village in the Dalir area. It is inspired by a poem, Motherly Love, by Jonas Hallgrimsson a poet, author and naturalist and is considered one of Iceland’s founding fathers.

Budardalur is a drive-by village. It is on the route to the Westfjords.  Budardalur is one of the few Icelandic villages that are by the sea but is not a fishing village. However, there is a small harbour. 

Staring towards the windy ocean and dark clouds one can imagine how important motherly love and protection was for surviving the cold and harsh winters throughout the ages.  And still is.

Shore In Budardalur