July 23, 2024

Cruise Ships in the Narrow Fjord – Photo Gallery

Year after year, cruise ships have come to Isafjordur Town, and their number has increased year by year. The only exception was in COVID in the years 2020–2021. In 2022, a record number of cruise ships is expected.

This tourism puts a very uplifting look on the town, as we have mentioned before. Not only does human life change while a cruise ship is at port, but the ships themselves have a great visual impact on the environment while they are at port or at anchor in the narrow fjord, and it can be quite an impressive sight.

The cruise ships that have come to Isafjordur Town are many. Some are very small and are usually so-called research ships, while others are very large with many thousands of passengers. According to well-known sources, it has become more common for passengers to board cruise ships in Reykjavik and from there sail to other destinations in Iceland and to Greenland and back to Reykjavik.

Some of the cruise ships that come to Isafjordur Town are too big to be able to dock, and those who want to come ashore must be transported by lifeboats. Construction is currently underway at Isafjordur Port, which will significantly expand the mooring edge. When it is finished, most cruise ships visiting Isafjordur Town should be able to dock.

This gallery shows a few of the cruise ships that have come to Isafjordur Town in the last 15 years or so. You can click on the top of any photo to start a full-screen slideshow.