April 17, 2024

One Icelandic Moment In Time With Westfjords Hills And Slopes

Sometimes you look up and see the beauty around you. This can be anywhere and anytime.

This time it was in the parking lot on a shopping trip. I looked up as I drove the shopping cart towards the car and saw the ski slopes in Isafjordur Town bathed in the sun while the shadows played on the other slopes. I picked up the phone at this moment and took this picture and I am glad to have captured this simple but beautiful moment.

As can be seen on the slopes and mountains around Isafjordur Town, there is plenty of snow in the mountains, although it has decreased somewhat in recent days. At the bottom of the picture you can also see a pile of snow that was shoveled from the streets and parking lots and has now become dirty ice.

The valley you see in the picture is Tungudalur. Under the hill on the far right of the picture is a cottage settlement. In April 1994, a large avalanche fell from the slope on the cottage settlement and many cottages were destroyed and one person died. Since this happened, a district of cottages has sprung up there again, but it is not allowed to stay there during the winter months due to the risk of avalanches.

Tungudalur Valley In Summer

Efforts have been made in recent years to lay footpaths around the area so that it is possible to walk a circle that runs up to the ski area through the forest and along the road back. This is one of our favorite walking areas. We can hardly wait to walk the path this spring and see the winter go and the summer come.