May 22, 2024

Iceland Photo Gallery: Westfjords in October

For me and my family, October is always a special month. There are numerous birthdays and days to commemorate for other reasons. In many ways, October is a transition month when the environment enters its winter stage.

According to the Icelandic almanac, the first day of winter is October 22nd. It occurs on the first Saturday of the 26th or 27th week of summer, depending on the length of the summer.

This October has offered everything that a month could provide. Storms, calms, rain, snowfalls, warmth, frost, dark and bright days have all occurred. If October were a buffet, it would be chock-full of various delicacies. I’m sure foreign tourists who visit our country in October get a lot for their money, though I’m sure some people were scared earlier in the month when a big storm hit.

It’s almost November, and that month is usually rather dull, unless it begins to snow more. You can feel the sun setting lower in the sky and the darkness growing longer by the day. Advent is also approaching, and it won’t be long before Christmas lights begin to illuminate the dark valleys and narrow fjords. Snow and Christmas lights are the ideal combination, making every day in the darkest season incredibly beautiful.

Below is a small gallery of photos from the last 30 days in the Westfjords of Iceland. By clicking on any image, you can see it in full size.