June 23, 2024

Photo Gallery Of Isafjordur Iceland: One Of Europe’s Most Beautiful Small Towns

Isafjordur is an exceptionally beautiful small town. There is no dispute about that. Living in Isafjordur makes the admiration biased. Everyone thinks their bird is the most beautiful.

But now more people have come to the view that Isafjordur is one of the most beautiful small towns in Europe and we certainly agree. Conde Nast recently published an article about the small towns in Europe that they consider the most beautiful, and Isafjordur is of course one of them.

The characteristics of Isafjordur are the mountain range that surrounds the fjord, the frequent stillness on the fjord, the location and appearance of the town as well as the unique community and history. Isafjordur is also on the new ring road in Iceland called The Westfjords Way. Read more about Isafjordur.

Here is a video and photo gallery that shows Ísafjörður in the summer, which is the time when most people visit our beautiful town.

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