July 23, 2024

The Most Beautiful View In The World

There are places that you love and there are places that you love more and are more dear to you than other places. This is such a place.

Looking from Hnifsdalur towards Jokulfirdir fjords you are constantly fascinated by the infinite variations created by the landscape, the ocean, the sky and the sun. No matter what the season is you are always in for a visual treat. In winter you can see bad weather appear on the horizon and in summer the magnificent midnight sun bathing the cliffs in its glory.

However, there are breathtakingly beautiful viewpoints in the world with more diversities in landscape than this place in the North-Atlantic. My secret ingredients for this place are the memories; the good times and bad, the people you love and the people you miss. Standing there with my experiences of life makes this view always the most beautiful in the world.