April 17, 2024

Streaming Freshwater Brooks And Rivers

Iceland has an abundance of fresh water running from the mountains or glaciers to the ocean. Westfjords is no exception. In each fjord there are brooks and rivers running down the hills and in one fjord there is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Iceland.

The Dynjandi waterfall in Arnarfjörður is without a doubt a monsterous waterfall that falls of the mountain cliffs down one hundred meters with a hammering noise you will hear from far away. In the area below the waterfall are countless smaller waterfalls that make it irresistible to hike along the trails in the hill with the powerful soundtrack of raw nature in the background.

The Westfjords hills and heaths all have brooks and rivers ready for you to quench your thirst after hiking. Most are toxic free and ready to drink. You can fill your water bottle in almost any fjord you visit.

Some say the Westfjords are Iceland’s best kept secret. What do you think?