June 23, 2024

Lagarfljot is A Pleasure for the Senses

Lagarfljot is the hallmark of Fljotsdalsherad. Lagarfljot is a river running from under the glacier Vatnajokull. It runs into the lake Logurinn and pours out of the lake into Heradsfloi. Tourists can find many points of interest along Lagarfljot and the town of Egilsstadir resides at the lake.

Iceland’s largest forest Hallormsstadarskogur grows along the lake Logurinn. One of Iceland’s most esteemed writers Gunnar Gunnarsson built his home at Skriduklaustur along the lake. Skriduklaustur is near the end of the lake at the north side. Only a few kilometers from Skriduklaustur to the east is Hengifoss one of Iceland’s highest waterfalls 118 meters high. A marked path lies up towards the waterfall; it takes between half an hour and an hour to walk there.

Logurinn and the surrounding area is perhaps Iceland’s most fertile area. The valley Fljotsdalur is sheltered from the cold ocean breeze which gives plants and trees the opportunity to grow in favorable conditions. The forest, the creeks, the large and small waterfalls and the often still water of the lake makes a visit to this area a pleasure for the eyes and the senses.

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Lake Logurinn East