June 23, 2024

The Actual Road That Is Less Travelled

This picture shows one of the most dangerous roads in Iceland. Today it can only be walked or cycled. In 2010, tunnels were opened that took over from this road.

This road runs through Óshlíð and connected Ísafjarðarbær and Bolungarvík. This road was very dangerous. I do not forget how stressed I was to go this way in the rain or snow. A feeling similar to going on a roller coaster ride.

The picture shows road cabinets that were built over part of the road in the most dangerous places, so that avalanches and landslides ran over them instead of landing on the road. They were not good enough because avalanches, landslides and boulders landed on the road anyway.

Although this road has been taken out of use, it is still used by people to walk, run or cycle and I have no doubt that many people get a lot of kicks from walking it or nostalgia. It is also common for people to reminisce about what it was like to travel on this road in the old days and all sorts of situations they encountered, such as walking over a recent avalanche just to get home.

It is amazing to think how much changes have taken place in Iceland’s road system in recent decades. However, it is still a long way to go before it becomes acceptable, especially in the Westfjords.

The video below shows what it was like to take this road 4 years after the road was officially closed. It shows that nature immediately began to take over and will gradually obliterate human footprints.