June 25, 2024

Breathe In Disruptive Times

It is still snowing in our part of the world. We have not had this massive snow with best conditions for skiing, best conditions for cross country skiing in years and years. Yet this is the year we must close down the ski area, the year we must cancel the biggest skiing event in Iceland that just so happens is held here in our little corner of the world, Fossavatnsgangan. It may not be big when compared to, say the Olympics but for us it is big.

It felt a little bit like late christmas yesterday on our walk. It felt serene and beautiful and it just felt like all was good in the world at that moment. Perhaps these days we need to take those moments and relish them.  The moments we feel all is good. When we can disconnect from the news and just breathe. That is what we did on our walk yesterday.

We are coming towards the end of March on this so far quite difficult year 2020. We use the word difficult, but perhaps we should use different? Even disruptive. The fact is we do not know. However, what we do know is that on our daily walk we encounter the natural beauty of our surroundings just as we did yesterday and the day before. That has not changed.