June 25, 2024

Sunday Moments in November

Now there are not many hours that we see the sun on Ísafjörður in the Westfjords. In a few days it will be completely gone behind the mountains and will not come up again until the second part of January. It’s a bright and beautiful morning that promises an even better day.

It’s so amazing to look out the window in the middle of November and see white and thin snow just a little bit down in the middle of the slopes. It has often snowed at this time in towns and villages and in mountains and valleys. And often the top layer of the sea has frozen at this time.

But it’s not today. Today is a beautiful day. There is a small and speckled layer of ice on the sea after the night’s frost, but I watch it melt in small steps as the sea manages to melt the frozen fresh water.

The world in Iceland has not changed much since yesterday. We as a nation are still recovering from the way we handled the refugees who were deported about a week ago. One of them was disabled in a wheelchair and it is something that touches me very deeply. I think the human element has been forgotten in the efforts to enforce law and order. Life is better when compassion reigns supreme.

I read an interesting article this morning in Vísir (the news is in Icelandic but can be easily translated with Google Translate) about a man who encourages people to use their children’s inheritance themselves and use the money early. We never know how long life is and why not use the golden years well and start them early.

I was looking at the weather forecast and it’s probably a few days before I get more snow in the mountains and valleys. It’s not bad, but the photos are still more fun when everything is covered in white snow. There are good times ahead with flowers in the pasture, as is often said in Iceland (“góð tíð með blóm í haga”).

Pretty with Snow
Pretty with Snow