April 17, 2024

Storm Dancing On Glassy Roads

Snow is great unless it is too wet and heavy. Storm can also be great until it begins to blast the roads you are driving with unexpected force. That should normally be fine unless the road you are driving is wet and glassy with the word slippery taking on a new meaning. This is how part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula in the West of Iceland was today.

Fortunately nothing bad happened and that means you had great experience even though it was tough for a moment. Driving in Iceland in winter can be dangerous.

The horizon where you expect to see ocean and far away mountains in the south on a bright day is very near and different.  It comes in the shape of a farmhouse and frozen fields with dark grey rain clouds hovering over the invisible ocean. A beautiful sight you have to view again and again.

The strong buzzing sound of the wind blowing from the east is almost like the Chernobyl soundtrack in the background, but more innocent, hopefully.