July 23, 2024

Moonshine and Moonlight Moment

You can never know what the moonshine and moonlight will be like in the Westfjords. Sometimes the sky is clear and the moon illuminates the sea and the mountains or it sails through the clouds and sends a ray of light where there is a potential for gliding.

This time the cloud cover was thin so that the full moon was seen but was a bit blurry. This time, it was not possible to turn around and get the correct camera, but we had to use what was at hand at that beautiful moon moment.

The stone in the front benefits from the moonlight and has probably never been as beautiful as at this moment in time. He has thus been recorded on the history along with the moon that sailed behind the clouds and gave us the moonshine and moonlight moment.

If you want to see more of Iceland under a full moon check out this awesome video.