July 23, 2024

Making The Impossible Possible Eighty Years Ago

We stumbled recently upon a fascinating photo of a lighthouse on a 40 meter high rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. And we discovered the story behind the lighthouse is amazing.

The rock is called High Ranger and is one of the trio of rocks called Þrídrangar or Three Rock Pillars in loose translation. It is located 10 km to the west of Vestmann Islands.

Imagine this. The lighthouse was built in the year 1939. The year before a hiking route with iron chains up the rock was carved to make the construction possible.  Since it is almost impossible to climb the rock people put themselves in a lot of danger.

The building of the lighthouse was completed in a month. The lighting equipment was installed 1942. The construction work was one of the most challenging along the coasts of Iceland and thankfully without bodily harm.

Discover more with this detailed coverage of the lighthouse and the accompanying photos are absolutely fantastic.

Below is a video that show maintenance work on the lighthouse including views from the helicopter transporting the craftsmen.

Featured image is of Vestmann Islands by Gerald Lobenwein from Pixabay