June 23, 2024

Hundreds Of Bad Weather Alerts

This winter is setting new records in bad weather and associated effects with 230 bad weather alerts issued in Iceland since early December 2019. Our island in the north has been consistently hammered for three months.

As an example of the effects there is a road between Isafjordur Town and the village of Sudavik that has been closed multiple times this year because of avalanches or avalanche warnings. The video below shows the road a day after one such closure. It is almost double speed.

We went yesterday to the village of Flateyri. It is a snow heavy area with the remains of avalanches that fell in January 2020 still visible. The gigantic avalanche barrier in the mountain most likely saved lives and a lot of properties as it steered away one of the largest avalanches that has fallen to date. The video below shows the heavy snow in Flateyri yesterday.