February 27, 2024

On the Way to Asbyrgi

Asbyrgi is a phenomenal place and Husavik is THE whale watching center in Iceland but the road between these two places offers the most amazing views. Sometimes the places are what that we write about, but at times the drive to the places we want to write about inspires us.

The road is newly paved. It was once a hurdle on the way between Husavik, Asbyrgi and to the villages of Kopasker and Þorshofn. Now the road is among the best in Iceland. Driving from Husavik the view is excellent over Skjalfandi Bay and driving around the Tjornes peninsula the view over the Oxarfjordur Bay opens up.

A nicely located viewpoint standing on a cliff gives you a beautiful view of the Oxarfjordur Bay, the mountains across the bay and over Kelduhverfi and the beautiful shore. From there you drive to Kelduhverfi which is marked by the collapse of land reminding us how new the land is and how much it can be transformed by earthquakes. There are monuments from a recent landslide that happened only about 30 years ago. Just when you thought you had seen enough of landslides and transformations you arrive at Asbyrgi which is a whole new chapter.