June 25, 2024

Goðafoss Waterfall Declared Protected

Goðafoss waterfall is one of our favorite waterfalls in Iceland and it is great news that it has been declared protected.

The waterfall is not the highest nor the most powerful in Iceland, but it is beautiful where the river Skjalfandafljot falls from a height of 12 meters in the Bárðardalur valley in the north of Iceland.

In a statement from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources: “The main objective of the protection of the area is to protect specific natural artefacts, the variability of geological formations and the waterfall itself, and it is protected as a natural resource. The protection description includes the natural flow of water in the waterfall is maintained because of its beauty and special features and the value of the area.” 

This is great news for us waterfalls lovers. There are a few years since we visited Goðafoss, but we will be driving by this summer and we cannot wait to see the changes in the area and to watch the waterfall hammering down the cliff in all its glory.