April 17, 2024

Everyone loves Christmas, at least I think so. There is just something good and innocent about Christmas or maybe it is the child in me that want it that way.

Now it is time for Christmas again. Christmas gift ads have begun to fill all mediums both in print and digital form. We Icelanders are a generous nation and Christmas presents are important and then there is the Icelandic Christmas food.

We eat a lot of smoked lamb, which we call “hangikjot”, and homemade decorated  flatbread with it that we call “laufabraud” or “leaf bread”. The thought of the smell of this gourmet Christmas food alone puts you in the mood for Christmas.

Still, it is the peace and tranquility on Christmas Day when the snow is falling and few people around that make my Christmas perfect. Walking around in the new snow and enjoying the moment with the younger ones makes my Christmas perfect.