June 23, 2024

Iceland’s Artificial Intelligence Landscape is Becoming More Real

In recent years, artificial intelligence has advanced significantly. We have uploaded digital photographs on this website that were created using artificial intelligence and our own images. Playing around with this and seeing what may be produced that is aesthetically pleasing has been enjoyable. However, as technology has advanced, it is now possible to order the creation of images based on a word description, and the results are highly intriguing.

The Stable Diffusion Demo is one of these services that allows users to produce photos using artificial intelligence. We decided to order photos of Icelandic landscapes and volcanoes in order to see what images we would get. It would be interesting to observe how closely unreality has come to resemble reality.

The outcome is displayed in the slide show below, and we believe it is really intriguing. It can be challenging to tell in certain photographs that they were not taken of real places and edited by human photographers. However, some of the images aren’t all that noteworthy, and it’s clear from looking at them that they aren’t true photographs.

It will be interesting to observe how this field develops over the next few years. There is nothing like visiting Iceland and viewing the beauty of Icelandic nature with your own eyes and capturing it on film to relive the memories of the island in the north again and again.