May 22, 2024

Earth’s Artwork Creation On The Beach

The Earth is one big creation. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, and every moment, the Earth creates works of art. At that moment, the sea, the sand, and the seaweed artwork on the beach were just for us to enjoy.

Earth’s Artwork

Sometimes one forgets this creation in today’s fast paced world. But when you go back to watching, listening, experiencing, and enjoying, you will not be disappointed. Then comes the aha moment when one discovers that the earth itself is the greatest artist.

One of the most fun things you can do is find a beach and stroll around to see the artwork of the earth. There is plenty to take in when the interplay of flow and tide becomes the energy of creation. The flood brings with it the most incredible things to the shore, and when it does, a new world of wonder is created where life and death are as natural a part of life as for us humans to breathe.

It’s okay to be a little dramatic when it comes to our planet. The wonders of the Earth are under attack. Plastic and waste have become part of the earth’s artistic creation and it’s sad. Many years ago, it was a novelty to see foreign objects on the beach, but today they have become too numerous and in too large areas.

The Earth needs us to be part of it and to stand by it and protect it as it creates its incredible works of art. That’s why I sort my rubbish and make sure that the plastic waste goes to the right place instead of ending up on the beach, where I have wonderful moments admiring the artwork of the Earth.