June 23, 2024

Blue Skies, Cloudscapes, And A Beautiful Summer Day

The blue sky, the sun is shining, the mountain slopes are turning green, and one by one, the townspeople appear who choose to spend the morning outdoors on this unique and beautiful summer day.

I sit in the warmth and watch the pictures of the day appear one by one. Maybe I’m too poetic for such an ordinary day, but that’s okay because today is beautiful and unique.

There is a strong wind in the Westfjords. The blue sea is riddled with white friezes. There are some padded clouds wandering in the blue sky.

It is said that the cloud cover in Iceland is part of the landscape and an important part of the tourist experience. At least it is clear that the sky is constantly changing, except for these few days when there are no clouds in the sky. On a bright sunny day with blue skies, clouds can make the scenery and the ocean more beautiful and a little bit dramatic.

It’s fun to watch the padded clouds travel full circle across the sky. Some go behind the next mountain, while others follow the length of the fjord and do not disappear until they fall behind the next horizon.

Clouds can also give you a hint about what the weather will be like in the future. Fishermen used to read the skies to forecast how long it would take them to get to their destination. It was a life-or-death situation here. It’s incredibly cool when the clouds pile up before a storm or rain hits. It is an amazing landscape that then appears in the sky.

The mountains have become checkered. Mud and rocks slide over old snow from last winter. At the end of summer, all the snow on the mountains will melt unless the summer is cold. But it’s okay because a little snow makes the environment and the mountains even more fun. And for those who go to the mountains, it can be fun to climb over a pile of snow from time to time.