April 17, 2024

Iceland Photo Gallery: From Westfjords Winter To Spring And Again

According to the calendar, the first summer day in Iceland this year was on April 21st. It is usually said that spring begins then, but it can take some time before it is possible to talk about summer. And so it was certainly in the Westfjords this spring.

Spring started well after a long and cold winter. The sun was shining and the heat was in the air on the first day of summer. But after a few days, the winter came back with snow and cold, and so it was for a few weeks until the second half of May that spring began to make itself felt again.

The last few days have been wonderful in the Westfjords. Great weather for outdoor activities and hiking. There is still a lot of snow in the mountains compared to the season, but it can be seen in the small streams on the slopes that have become much larger than usual as the snow melts in the mountains.

The grass on the slopes is starting to turn green, the vegetation is coming to life, and the leaves are coming out of the trees. It can be said that vegetation in the Westfjords is a few weeks behind vegetation in the south and in the Greater Reykjavik area. But now everything is happening and summer is coming to the Westfjords.

The gallery below shows photos taken around Isafjordur Town in April, May, and the beginning of June and should show how our wonderful landscape is changing from winter to spring. The photos are ordered by date.

You can click on the top of any photo to start a full-screen slideshow.

I think this video shows spring in the Westfjords in a nutshell. The small stream is powerful, and the trees and vegetation are getting ready for summer.