May 22, 2024

World Of Danger And Fun

How life was easy and carefree when you were young. You were invincible and conquered every danger. You lived on the shore and with the shore and with every danger and fun that comes with it.

This bridge is in Borgarnes and connects the tiny island of Brakarey with the mainland. This is the environment I was raised in or let’s say the environment where I raised myself. Nothing has changed. This picture could have been taken 50 years ago and would still look the same.

Below the bridge were the ideal fishing grounds for young boys equipped with fishing line attached to a stick. We spent days there in the summer. If the line was long enough you would climb onto the lower floor on the bridge below the road and let it sink into the current. It was dangerous and would not be tolerated today by any means. I still wonder why I managed to walk away from this danger alive.

Once in awhile you caught a plaice and proudly brought the food home. It is a gourmet food, but it never got on my family’s table and I never asked why. Danger or fun aside this is one of the places I love.