July 23, 2024

Moments At The Tiny Muddy Sandbar

There is a tiny sandbar in Isafjordur Town that fascinates me in many ways. The landscape around it, the shore, the sea and the wildlife makes any day on the muddy sandbar just perfect. 

The sandbar itself is mostly man-made with worn-out equipment once used to suck sand from dredging ships. It will never be considered beautiful, but it has its charm. Sometimes the old equipment is occupied by birds and I have seen seals swim past it without catching them on camera.

The surrounding landscape is always breathtakingly beautiful. When the sea is calm everything in the fjord becomes spectacular. The steep mountains, the ravines, the valleys with the curvy hills and of course my hometown.

That is why I frequently visit the muddy sandbar to inhale, adore nature and occasionally take a picture or two that I gladly share with you in the small photo library below. Two of the photos are ai-painted in the spirits of old masters. I hope you like it.