June 23, 2024

Winters In The Westfjords Are Like No Other

The winter in Iceland officially starts in late October, but the actual winter begins often much earlier. From that moment on you can expect all kinds of winter weather until May comes or even later.

If the winter arrives early and leaves late you are facing the winter season for most part of the year. Then you better enjoy it.

Westfjords winters can be harsh. The weather can change suddenly from sunshine to snow blowing from every direction. All travelers must prepare their winter journeys in the Westfjords carefully.

The perfect winter in the Westfjords has a white cover of snow with infinite stillness reflecting the landscape on the fjords. When the snow is missing it can be really dark in the short winter days. 

The snow makes everything brighter, clearer and more beautiful. You cannot expect to get a perfect winter every time in the Westfjords, but you will most likely get days that look perfect.