June 23, 2024

Climate Change, Increased Volcanic Activity, New Fissure and Summer Stillness

  • We have reached the extreme edge of climate change according to a new United Nations report (Climate change: IPCC report is ‘code red for humanity’) , and we Icelanders are no exception. A large-scale replacement of fossil fuels is underway in Iceland by 2030, but it is progressing slowly.
  • The weather continues to be best in the north-east and it can be said that all temperature records have been broken this year, which is in accordance with the United Nations report.
  • The eruption on Reykjanes Peninsula is now 5 months old and lava is still flowing from it in torrents. As I wrote this piece it was reported that a new small fissure just appeared and is visible in the video stream below. Nobody knows when the eruption will end because this is one of the most unusual eruptions that geologists have witnessed. The eruption could continue for decades or stop tomorrow.
  • In the Westfjords, calm continues to dominate with occasional fog and mist.
  • Tea quote of the day is “Life has meaning. Simple yet so true.
  • Today’s feature photo is a still summer evening at Isafjordur Bay.