June 23, 2024

Two Fabulous Fjords And The Heath In-Between

Today we finally have the feeling that spring will eventually beat this difficult winter with style. The sun started to shine, the clouds dissolved showing the clear blue skies above and the warmth of the sun bathed your cheek as you joyfully watched in awe the spectacular sights.

We know we may be on an emotional rollercoaster that makes our reaction seem a little bit over the top, but who cares, today is like no other day and just perfect.

We went on a little drive to nearby Önundarfjörður.  Önundarfjordur is always fabulous and with snowy mountains, calm seas, the sun shining and the birds of spring chirping it is a feast for the soul. 

From there we drove over the Gemlufallsheiði heath and as we drove down to the Dýrafjörður fjord the Westfjords Alps were magnificent. These fjords are definitely two of the most beautiful fjords in Iceland.  

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