June 23, 2024

And The Wind Blows

This winter is the winter of the infinite wind. Occasionally the stillness has entered the Westfjords, but then the next day the wind starts blowing again. 

This is also the winter of endless snow. More snow has fallen this winter than for decades before. It was a relief when it started to rain for a couple of days and much of the accumulated snow melted with the help of a few degrees of warmth and our friend the wind. 

Even though we prefer warm and still weather the wind can be refreshing when you have to stay a lot inside. We went to the shoreline to get some fresh wind in our faces and stare into the waves. Great experience.

Then it started to snow again with strong winds blowing from the west. Fortunately, this snow is not likely to stay for a long time, but who can tell after we have experienced a winter like this. Anything can happen.

Snow Falling Isafjordur Town
Snow Falling Isafjordur Town