July 23, 2024

Test, Trace And Isolate

It is life before, during and hopefully after the pandemic. Most of us will  remember this year for the worst pandemic we have experienced. The fight is far from over and will not be over until we have vaccines and medicine to prevent people getting sick or die.

Icelanders have fought Covid-19 with systematic response and courage. Test, trace and isolate explains the Icelandic response. Politicians have been wise in following professional guidelines instead of cooking up their own. Every Icelander has done the best he or she can do in these difficult circumstances. Some have said the Iceland response is a model for the world.

I have twice been tested for the coronavirus and luckily I have been negative. However, the waiting for the test results is scary and a lot of things go through the mind during the wait. 

These days we are fighting to open the country with the same methods; testing, tracing and isolating. So far it is working. Only a few cases have been reported among visitors. At the time of this writing, June 28th 2020, there are only 11 active cases in Iceland of which 4 were discovered during the border control. 

The current daily capacity for testing in Iceland is 2000 and that limits the number of visitors entering the country. The current testing scheme will be unchanged at least throughout July and that is how far we can visualize the future.