May 22, 2024

The Internationally Awarded Top Travel Destination Of 2022

2022 will be the year of the Westfjords of Iceland and there are a few reasons for it.

The Westfjords was recently named Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel top region for 2022. It is a position well deserved as the Westfjords have been in the shadow of the glaciers and volcanoes in the South. Westfjords gives you a totally different experience.

Recently The Westfjords Way was revealed. It is a route starting in Búðardalur in the west of Iceland and from there it lies around the Westfjords including many of the most fascinating sceneries the area has to offer. You can go the route on a bike or by car or even hike it if you have the time.

Next year a new sightseeing point on top of Bolafjall mountain will open. This is a see-through viewing platform hanging on top of a terrifyingly steep cliff and on a good day will give you an out of this world view of of beautiful cliffs, mountains and fjords. 

Before Covid-19 there was talk aboout Iceland being overcrowded with tourists especially in the South. Westfjords are populated yet untouched, accessible but not touristic. In the Westfjords you enjoy solitude, but also hear the stories of people and their lives past and present.

The Westfjords is our home. It is the place we love and admire every day.  It is time for Iceland’s best kept secret to be revealed in every way possible. 

Isn’t it time you experience the Westfjords with us?