April 17, 2024

Stories that Touched My Heart

At the beginning of the year, it’s common for people in the media to talk to a wide range of people in interviews. From time to time, stories emerge that have a greater impact on you than others. When a person touches your heart in that way, it means that they have made a positive contribution to the world in some manner, shape, or form. The following are two stories that touched my heart in a big way.

One story tells of a fisherman who said that an inner voice warned him that people may refer to him as a dog if he did not assist orphans in Kenya. The fact that this individual was treated poorly when he was a child in an Icelandic Catholic school is what gives the story its significance. He was given compensation by the government for his troubles, which he used to open and run a school in Kenya for kids who had lost both parents. You can find more information about his story by clicking here.

Another story involves a man who, for an extended period of time, has been confined to the use of a wheelchair. He didn’t let that stop him, and he went on to start an international web company that Twitter bought, making him one of the wealthiest people in Iceland. During the course of the previous year, he started a project that was given the name “Ramp up Iceland.” The project called for the construction of 1,000 wheelchair ramps over the next four years, and he is well on his way to achieving that goal. Recently, the president of Iceland encouraged the project to build 1500 ramps. It should come as no surprise that this man was chosen as the man of the year in Iceland and has earned great respect among Icelanders.

Another thing that makes this beautiful person in the wheelchair special is the fact that when he sold his company, he was able to ensure that the Icelandic government would receive the maximum amount of tax revenue possible from the proceeds of the sale of his company. This is yet another thing that sets him apart from other people. I don’t know of anything else that could serve as an incentive for other millionaires and billionaires to donate some of their riches to the community if this doesn’t do it. You who are wealthy, take this man as an example and do something to improve society. It is time to pay it forward.